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Friday, January 14, 2011


Fucking god dammit mother fucker
I hate it
I try to write something so inspiring but I can't
Forcing a poem just doesn't work
So I'm writing my frustrations
That's what I've got right now

My head is about to pop like a red balloon
Fists clenched ready to sock a fool
Grinding my teeth
Squeezing my toes
I pull out my hair like I use to to toy dolls

Fuck, I want to write something super happy
It's just not working
The frustration is driving me insane
Wicked thoughts run through my brain

Go stab someone in the throat
Rip out their eyes with your fingers
Kick them in the groin, really fucking hard
Hit them in the face with a shovel
Their face looks like a piece of meat


I really am biting down on my teeth so hard
My jaw is sore
Also, my neck creaks like an old rocking chair

I'm going fucking nuts
Someone come knock me out

I think I'll take a nap
Hopefully wake up with an amazing insight
Write it down
Share it with you guys
And get some kind of satisfaction



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