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Sunday, October 24, 2010

From Space To Dinosaurs

Rushing thoughts travel through my head,
In a trance of beautiful music,
The thoughts slow down when I go to bed,
What's this music that I pick?

I always get a message sent,
This one's telling me to be optimistic,
The beat's so fast, I don't know where it went,
What are they doing, is it a trick?

Don't know what I'm really thinking,
Where am I now, is it real?
So in awe, I just sit blanklessly blinking,
Smooth comfort is what I feel.

The bass rumbles through my brain,
Close my eyes, bob my head back and forth,
Now in a dark cart on this music train,
The train I'm sitting on is heading north.

"Tommy The Bat," is the name of the song,
Goes with how I'm feeling at the moment,
Infected Mushroom's not doing me wrong,
Now the track ripples, is it bent?

Boom, boom, boom, boom, stars shoot out,
Tracers appear, they are all yellow,
Traveling time and space in a roundabout,
Passing through rocks and stars, a floating dog says hello.

Aw ha, this song is a virtual voyage,
What is next to be seen?
This music's intense, it's ravage,
The number I'm thinking of is 14.

Rocket science, Bill Nye, chemistry class,
All pop into my head as I listen,
Swirling in a cloud of black mass,
Rapturous thoughts start to begin.

Running like a raptor, I then spit venom,
You cannot hide from me, can't you see,
If you need meat, I'll get you some,
What do I see, a terridactol in the tree.

That's my victim, you just wait a sec,
Bit down on his neck, dragged him down,
I thought I killed him, what the heck,
Then I rammed him with my solid bone crown.

Dead, that's right you terridactol,
Spit on his body, left him for the flies,
I tore apart his body, he was not whole,
Hey I got you your meat guys, aren't I wise?

From space to dinosaurs, what a trip,
I don't even have to eat mushrooms to get this,
It was fun traveling one the evil pirate ship,
There was no one as my accomplice.

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