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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Angry Johnny

Johnny Howard is an angry young lad,
Beaten his whole life, he was truly sad,
Letting it out
in angry fits of rage,
Like a tortured tiger escaping from his cage.

While at recess, a bully starts to pick,
Which kids he will torment till they're sick,
He decides that it's little Johnny's time,
Throwing rocks at Johnny, he's done his crime.

Johnny cries, then his ferocious rage kicks in,
The bully has no idea what's about to begin,
Johnny grabs the bully's shirt, throws him to the ground,
Kicks him in the face till his eyes can't be found.

The bully cries, begging Johnny to stop kicking,
Johnny kicked him in the teeth, tells him to stop talking,
Eyes swollen shut, blood drips off his face,
drags him to the woods without a trace.

Reaching into his pocket, Johnny grabs a knife,
In a panic, Johnny takes the bully's life,
Johnny laughs, but then the truth is shown,
Feeling so guilty, he takes the life of his own.

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