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Monday, January 17, 2011


Tree's of ragged beauty start to grow
Started as a tiny bird seed
Fallen from the old wooden feeder
Watered by the rainstorms of Spring

A little sprout pops out of the moist ground
Like a baby being born
It grows with a smile in it's core

Getting older, it creates layers
It's core hides under each year
Older now, it doesn't look like the beauty it once had

People look at it in disgust
Thinking there's no use for the old tree
They are wrong

Then a baby comes by
Feels its true nature
Gives it a hug

The old tree cry's out of joy
Tears fall down to the roots
Sulking up a new life

The old tree gives the new life the shade it needs
The sun shines giving it light
A sprout shoots out of the ground
Starts developing with bliss

The old tree still smiling inside
Dies happily knowing there is still beauty underneath his ragged bark

The old tree falls down and gives the new tree more light
The cycle repeats itself

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