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Monday, January 10, 2011

Lettin It Out

Can't figure out what to write about
But I want to get it out
Whatever it is, I want to share
I know that it's got to be rare

Fishing in my brain
With my heart vein
A beautiful red haired lady
Smooth and delicate, not shady

Weaving lines fly through
My eyes, colors green and blue
Shots of love sneak on in
She will win

My baby holds me tight
Red is in my sight
Hair in my eyes
I can't see the other guys

Where is this going
Nothing is showing
The neon light isn't glowing
Slam dunk by Patrick Uwing

Red red red red red
The head is dead in bed
Thoughts of evil creep
When she dies I'll weep

The one thing that kind of works in this writing
Is this red haired lady who is shining
Something about her hair has my attention
She's beautiful if I didn't mention

Sure beats the man on the moon
Who woke up at noon
He was drunk in the saloon
Getting high of helium in a balloon

Then she whacked him
His drink of choice, Gin
Throwing up the alcohol
It all the sudden was last call

No more of this fucking nonsense
I'll just light another incense
This music is intense
See you all later is my last sentence

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