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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Meds Suck

What am I taking to supposedly get happy?
Honestly they make me feel tired and crappy,
They mellow me out, bull shit,
I'm so sick of taking them, fuck it.

If I stop taking them, I'll get kicked out,
I'm usually pissed off or sad and want to shout,
I'm pretty sure I'm getting all the side effects,
Helps out a lot with my character defects.

As I swallow them down with water,
This one is an anti-stressor,
How about a mood stabilizer,
"Yes Kenny, this one's an endorphin riser."

What do they do? They make me a zombie,
Or crazy angry and I'm beastly,
Tired as hell, can't stay awake,
Every single smile I give is fake.

Honestly, I think they are making me worse,
Just as dead as the man in the hearse,
"Oh let's just up the dose, you'll be fine,"
What are all these chemicals doing in my bloodline?

I wish I didn't have to take meds,
I'm so sick of feeling like I have two heads,
But whatever, I'll keep taking them,
Even though I still cause mayhem.

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