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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Starting Over

Everything I see reminds me of you,
Anywhere we went, anything we would do,
I ache as I go through these past memories,
All I can feel is our old energies.

Today as I awake, I pray,
Asking to see life differently I portray,
Am I capable of not living in the past?
God, help me get rid of this cast.

As I walk down the same old street,
I remember, that's where we'd meet,
Today, I feel as if I'm fine,
Usually I would whine.

That's weird, what's happening to me?
Oh wow, there's that old tree,
Together we'd sit and enjoy each other,
Look, a bird, there's one and there's another.

Aww, the movie theater,
Now it's positive emotions that occur,
Where did the negative ones go?
"Kenny, this is mine, not your show."

Oh ok, that's awesome, thanks a lot God,
"Your welcome Kenny, but this is your ballade."
So you're saying everything is my choice?
"Yes son." Hell ya! I'll be happy now, rejoice!

Now, I live in the present moment,
The smell of roses are potent,
The day is beautiful, I can breathe,
What's that? I can smile and show my teeth!

This poems to me, to help me see,
I live for myself right now, not we,
I can start over everyday,
I can be happy every single way.

I love me, I love me, I LOVE ME!

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