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Monday, August 22, 2011

The Pain Feels So Good

I’m happy and hurting inside
My feelings, I never hide
So many people cutting
Heads butting
With their parents and friends
The razor never bends
Just slits open the skin
We feel like we win
Then the sadness eventually comes back
Again we reach into the black
Grab the razorblade
Scars rarely fade
To the cutters who read
I also love to bleed
The control 
Having power over your soul
With the knife
Take away some pains of life
Really though
You know
It’s not the right way
It’s just a terrible play
Please, have a good day
Do your best not to cut, that’s all I’ll say
I love all of you who cut, I’m with you too.  Just thought I’d try to make one of you happy.

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