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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Your Filth Got You What You Deserved

Hatred fills his veins
Everyone's fault except Cain's
Ravaged Spirit full of sorrow
You'll not be seeing him tomorrow

Entering in the room, he takes your soul
Every dream, every goal
Stripped from your pure little mind
Happiness you won't be able to find

He'll rip your eyes from your skull
Now seeing Satan as your role
You're stuck in his quicksand
Sinking in, you take his hand

Laughing hysterically, he looks at you smiling
You can't stop your confused crying
He has you on his side
Drags you in chains with pride

Something just isn't right
Trying to put up a fight
You get whipped down to the ground
His voice is the only sound

You hurt him, he hurt you back
Now your in his death sack
Your fucking done for
Just a body now, no core

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