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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Alfred Jenkins!!!!!!!!

Alfred Jenkins is the name of my notebook,
It's a new black one, take a look,
New writings are sure to come,
Using the pen is where it comes from.

What craziness is going to be written in here?
Maybe writings of braveness, maybe some of fear,
Maybe with this notebook I'll become a star,
The time in here maybe I'll get really far.

New writings come out of me like nothing,
People keep asking me, "If you write, do you sing?"
It's really been on my mind, could I do it?
If feel I can, just need to stop giving my voice shit.

Writing is something I do for fun and to release,
It keeps me warm like a winter fleece,
Positive poems turn into making life positive,
Negative poems cause hurt, some I don't want to live.

Right now I'm feeling happy, free, and calm,
I'd like to get my future read from my palm,
Even though the future doesn't exist. It's all now,
I'll do good now, I just lost sight, now I know how.

The ego mind always always wants a conflict,
For example, getting down on myself cause I'm an addict,
I'm a piece of shit who is bi-polar,
It doesn't matter, stop making it a coral.

:) So thankful for everything on my journey,
It made me who I am, right now I'm comfy,
So, this notebook is out to a good start,
All these writings will come from my heart.

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