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Friday, December 3, 2010


I am one of Christ's warriors,
I plowed through thousands of barriers,
Running wild to set them free,
They are stuck under Satan's tree.

Rapidly slicing through the devils goons,
They all look like vicious baboons,
Razor sharp teeth dripping blood,
They're just as strong as a flash flood.

I'm fighting for their freedom,
My heart is pounding like a steal drum,
Out of no where I get a bad feeling,
One of the baboons was creeping.

Hit me with his wooden club,
It was me they wanted to grub,
Out comes my guardian wolf,
Picked me up and dragged me to the gulf.

Thank you guardian, you saved me,
But I still need to save them from he,
I'm going back to fight my fight,
I don't care if I lose, I know it's right.

I grab both of my swords, stand up tall,
They all look at me like I'm small,
I will show them who is going to win,
The end of them all, I now begin.

Fallen baboons everywhere,
The last one looks at me with a stare,
He runs, scared like hell,
I went to the tree and told the people all is well.

We marched back to our city with pride,
The devil, from me, will now hide,
At least for a little while,
But for now, I have a smile.

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