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Friday, September 24, 2010

Wait, Read!

The full moon has risen,
Tonight is the night i come out to feed,
On what you ask,
To feed on my new way of living.

How, is your next question,
By changing my actions to do better,
Stop my negative thinking,
Live my life to the fullest.

What can i do better at,
Work, that's for sure,
Treating my family like they should be treated,
Being kind to myself, stop hurting.

The moon causes me to go through different phases,
And this moon is special, it's a gift,
From who? God of course,
Tonight it's shined so bright, so vivid.

To those who read I honestly thank you,
Writing poetry is what i love to do,
Maybe I don't have your answer,
But you do, inside yourself, you have all the power.

So, with this new full moon you can start over too,
Do what you want to do, make it count,
You can start over every sunset,
Or keep moving forward, do your best!

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