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Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Son Is Gone

The sadness of Christ's death fills my worthless soul
I keep on digging in my deep, dark hole
Feeling like I'm on black ice
I have no control
Riptides crash off my lashes
Lashes on my back bleed from the whips of the wicked
Cries of the holy enter my blankless mind
Who dare destroy what I've created
Jesus was not cremated 
The Resurrection brought forth the light of the sun to the world
But there is still the evil kind
They can't seem to find the right path
They are all blind
Amongst them all, is evil pride
Songs of disaster consume their bankrupt souls
It's not peace that created this madness
They're from Satan's side
Blitzing into the offense of the holy
Hitting many off their feet to their knees
Fucking up for one second could make you loose your life
Paying too much attention gets you nowhere
What do I do now
I love my life, I swear
No one cares about my lashings
Fuck you too, you bastards
You always forget about my soul
Leaving me digging in my hole
Finally realizing I'm gone
You look for me after the hours passed
 I've dug myself six feet under
There is no son

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