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Monday, February 28, 2011


Full of bravery 
No mind slavery
Happy to be alive
Through anything, he'll survive

Running scared
Never prepared
Never not shy
Always wants to die

Worthy of everything
Loves to sing
No one will stop him
Muscular, yet slim

Will never achieve anything
Looses in every ring
People push him away
Thinking he's fat everyday

Willing to help out anyone
Loves to be in the sun
Fights for the good
Burns bright wood

Lets nobody in
Always doing sin
Sits inside and mopes 
He has no hopes

Why does this happen to me
I'm powerful
Yet weak
Full of life
Think I'll never get a wife

Always on a winning streak
Looses every chance I get
Full of heart
Everything is dark
Just accept it Kenny
You're worth more than a penny
Life has it's ups and downs
Have a smile, no more frowns

I don't understand myself fully
Sometimes myself, I bully
It can all be achieved
Just have faith and believe 

Let me learn
Want to earn
A new life
Full of love
Pure as a dove

I'm just confused sometimes
So I write my rhymes
It helps me out
Onto the paper I shout

It's not rocket science
Stop this defiance
Love, love, love myself
Reach out my hand for help

I'm doing great right now
So don't think otherwise
My life is a surprise
I'll stop my selfish lies
No more cries
Let us be as one
Go have fun in the sun
Be full of joy
Explore every aspect 
Nothing I'll reject

So there it is
I get all twisted in my mind
It's hard to find
My purpose
I know I can do it
Reach for the stars
Stop being sealed in jars

Life ahhh
I just blahh
On the paper
No shapes
I'm just me
Let it be

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