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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Valentines Day

My Valentines Day was awesome
I spent the night with a beautiful blossom
Filled with joy that's one of a kind
Another date with her I wouldn't mind

A little Italian restaurant, hidden in a neighborhood
Her eyes lit like firewood
I can't stop this grin from escaping
Our hearts are shaping

Laugh after laugh
My happiness is off the bar graph
Her smile just eats at me, in a good way
Our date was like a perfect play

The food was cooked to perfection
Tonight, there was a little affection
Waiting for two hours, we talked
In the cool night, we walked

Came to my house for a horror flick
Halloween was our pick
Sitting next to me she gets frightened
Her body tightened

I was there to protect her
I am the almighty sir
Ha ha just wanted to put that in
It's not a sin to want to win

I drove her home after
We had a lot of laughter 
Then I gave her a hug goodnight
Tonight was such a beautiful sight

To my date, thank you a ton
I had so much fun
I feel so good right now
A nice beautiful girl was how

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