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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Kid Who Saved My Life (Josh G)

On October 22 2008
Was my suicide attempt date
It was attempted not commited
Because Josh instantly reacted 
I ragged on his name
When I was the one to blame
A lot of things were my actions
Just trying to get instant satisfactions
We've had epic times together
Longboarding in any weather
Josh and I will kick your ass
We'd take on any mass
I'm sorry Josh, for the things I've said
This poem is my ammend
Will you forgive a brother that loves you
Know this is true
Josh found me in a bloody mess in the bathroom
I was face to face with doom
He banged that door at the right time
Death, would have been mine
  For this I'm forever grateful
This man saved my soul
Thank you Josh G
You and I are an epic team
Sometimes I get angry
My rage gets hungry
For anything  to eat up, spit out
I get so mad and want to shout

But my apology
Thank you for my life
You saved me after I used the knife
Rushed me to the doctors who saved me
I now live free
Thank you bro
Sorry for my bad poem show
I was just angy
I was not coping
Let me say one last thing
I love you bro
To Judas Priest
Lets go sing

Love ya Josh
I apologize

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