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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Helping Hand

Tears fall from his eyes
Helping him, no one even trys
All alone
He sits depressed at home

Will somebody help out this man
I know someone can
He needs it really bad
Watching him makes me sad

A little shove is all he needs
Grab him before he bleeds
Let him know that someone cares
He's used his flares

Is anybody listening
Half of you don't care and are just snickering 
All it would take is one person
Save him before he's finished and done

Maybe just a smile
Or stay awhile
Anything would benefit
He no longer wants to feel like shit

All I'm trying to say
Help another person today
It could change their lives
Make it so he strives

Help another person out
That's what this life's about
No use in just walking on by
Put out a hand, you know why

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