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Monday, February 14, 2011

What I'd Like

I have a question for you all
How long will it be before you fall
It's all just a matter of time
Piece's is my sign

Where will we be in 5 years
Hooked on drugs and on beers
I don't want it that way
This is what I'll say

How often do we help another out
I do my best to know what helping is about
It makes me feel good
I thing we all should

I'm in a confusing spot with women
But I know I can fall back on my men
Why do I cry over you
I'm living in my own blue

Always asking to hangout
It's always a shut out
Maybe it's just wrong timing
But I'm not smiling

When will I find one to have a good relationship
It seems like no one gives a shit
Except a friend named Alex
He helps me through my wrecks

One girl is what I want
There's no way I'd flaunt
I want her to want me too
 We could be the perfect two

I just sit depressed in bed
Getting all these terrible thoughts in my head
Could a girl please comfort me
Help me to learn how to live free

Well I've said what I'd like
I don't want to go see a psyche
Just a woman to cheer and comfort
I know it's hard to find this sort

I'm getting tired of finding the wrong ones
I'd like one with sexy buns
But also true to herself and others
To me she never bothers

Hope you too are doing ok
I love you all every single way
Hit me up if you need a helping hand
I'll get you out of that quicksand

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