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Thursday, February 17, 2011


What did I get across to you
When we first met, did you expect
Something else
Like a rock and roll king
A sweet surfer dude
A hardcore skater
Well, those are close but not me
In my life, I am the king bee
I go around in this world peacefully
But if you get too close, my feelings you will see
"What in the hell is wrong with this crazy kid?"
I change like the seasons
Sometimes I rain tears of sadness
Other days, I can be as bright as the sun
I don't hold my feelings in
They show who I am
Can you understand this concept
If you meet me, you'll never forget
I am one of a kind
People like me you won't usually find
I care about you usually more than myself
Can I help
It's all out of love
But sometimes I feel evil
Like hitting a home run to your face
All mankind is a disgrace
I'm ok though
Do you feel my flow
I respect you, but sometimes I don't
You probably feel the same towards me
But it's ok, it's life
Do you understand me

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