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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


All alone
No one answers their phone
I just want a little acknowledgment
I feel as if I'm completely absent
I feel like nobody cares
Talking to me, no one dares
Even though they know I'm nice
It's supposedly to much advice

Does anybody see me
Or is everyone blind and can't see
I'm in an enormous amount of pain
I feel like I'm going insane

What is left to do in life
I'll never have a chance for a wife
Let alone a girlfriend
I feel like this is the end

Lately, I just want to let go
Stop acting in the terrible show
I feel like my writings are no good
I already burned out all the wood
My mind is in a swirl 
Sit in my bed in a curl
Does anyone understand
I'm the leader with no one in my band

Jealous of others relationships
I just sit her eating candy and chips
I'm very unhealthy at this point
I want to relapse, eat mushrooms and smoke a joint
 I didn't cut for 3 months, I was doing good
Then a week ago I fucked up, did what I would
To much is on my mind
A little peace I want to find

To anyone who reads my poem
If you have friends, show them
I just want out
My mind and body is in a drought 

I'm alone guys
I have lots of cry's
This one is asking for assistance 
No more rides in the ambulance

I feel like there's nothing to live for
I just want one more big score
But I know it would be wrong
This is my sad song

Fuck I don't know what's going down
I'm getting dragged down under by Pennywise The Clown
Not much more to be said
Just wish I was dead

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