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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Boo, I See You

Her beauty
Long, luscious, blonde hair
Body of a goddess
Piercing blue eyes
Smile that gets me going
Everything of hers is worth showing 
Only when the time is right

She speaks
"So good to see you!"
It's honestly my pleasure
This moment I will forever treasure

She kisses me on the cheek
The little boy in me wants to squeak
Out of excitement
I get slow flowing butterflies
Time stops
I'm in awe

Could we possibly ever hangout
"Of course, give me a jingle"
Man, I'm so glad I'm single

Do I even have a chance
Like when I wanted to slow dance
With the beauty
Of pure joy
My love
One day,I'll give to a girl that fits with me
My heart will deploy

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