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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Alex Jensen

Warrior sent from God
He walks this earth with knowledge
Kindness of his heart is shared with others 
Picks up others when they are down
This man has a golden crown
Helps me through any part of life
Bbbbrrrt! It's our joke
Look at this hole on my pants
Ha ha ha, good times
He's as humble as a monk
12 inch sub in his Subaru's trunk
The past few memorable months I've gotten to know this warrior
Fights when it's right
He'll come for you, whether day or night
One of the best men I've ever met
Meet him if you haven't met him yet
I can trust him to be there
He'll treat anyone fair
God, thank you for putting this man on my path
He's a genuine humnan being
I respect him with all my soul
I can't explain how grateful I am for him
Floyd cracks me up
Your parents raised a good son
Dude, I fuckin love you bro
I want you to know I'm here for you 100%
I know you're a God sent
Let me know where I can help you
Rockin out in my car is what we'll do
Epic times are yet to come
I feel like crying out tears of joy
I have an amazing friend by my side
God loves you, so don't hide

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