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Sunday, February 6, 2011


Many a times he's been in my life
Football, wrestling, volleyball
Epic times at the well known Tanner Park
Walking the royal, noble Ace and the hyper Gypsy dogs

Talking during a warm cup of joe 
We relate
Knowing everything in life is how it's supposed to be
I feel comfort, happiness, and honored to be his friend

The time in Tanner Park
Chris, Alex, and I found a golden leaf
All alone, it needs a home
We found the tree of golden leaves 
Putting the treasure with it's partners

How could someone not like this man
Always helping people when he can
He has the look of a strapping young prince
First one in the deck, It's A Card

This kid is humble
With me against all others, he'd rumble
I know he has my back
I have his too

A Card, you know who you are
The love is nowhere far
Be happy with the place your in
Your life did just begin

Love you bro with all my heart
Always here if you need a helping hand
You're a fighter, never give up
God is with you, just look up

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