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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Boy Goose

It's the man of the century
Once I saw him kiss Jentry
A man who has been there for me 100 percent
Always there if I need to vent
Goose is his name
He deserves no blame
One of the best persons I know
Remember the hypnotist show
Goose, Spencer, and I are the tri-pod
First time with Quinn, who is now with God
Goose and Evan in Peter's pathfinder
Trippin hard, minds on a winder
Goose, thank you for all your advice
Hell ya, we got to see Thrice
I look up to you like a brother
I know you've got my back like no other
Ha, ha, ha, remember when you tried out for volleyball
Brough wanted you cause you're so tall
Drinking Mountain Dew's back in the day at Sam's
I can't thank you enough for going to Tim's rock jams
You are truly one of my best friends
I'm with you on this journey wherever it bends
I'd got to hell and back for you
I love ya bro, this is true

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