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Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Big Brother

Henry, you're my big brother and always will be,
You've got so much passion for life, it inspires me,
Who was there every time I need help? You,
You mean so much to me, same with Tim and Lily too.

Your my big brother, I look up to you,
I loved it when we'd play The Simpson's Clue,
Risk, I hated cause you'd always win,
You're like Batman, I'm like Robin.

Your art is amazing, it gives me chills,
How do you do it? So what if you're not good with bills,
You're good at this game we call life,
Brynne is awesome, maybe someday she'll be your wife.

You're almost done with college, that's crazy,
It was fun when we'd drink and were both hazy,
Volleyball, it's been so cool to play on your team,
Your Ora is like a beautiful, blue, bright beam.

Henry, I wouldn't have anyone else as my older brother,
I know one day you'll be a loving and caring father,
Your future is looking pretty damn good,
Anything for you man, I would.

You mean so much to me, I want to be like you,
You're the best big brother, I really love you, I do,
Keep us the good work, your life is worth a ton more than a penny,
Like you've been there for me, I am for you, love your brother Kenny.

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