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Friday, October 22, 2010

David Besleys Spirit

On October 20th I had a dream,
I know why I had it, I know what it does mean,
David came to visit me in my sleep,
It was for comfort, not to just reap.

Started out with me in a school,
This dream has become an important tool,
Then I just fainted or passed out,
Woke up in a jeep, what is this dream about?

I turned to the left to see who was driving,
It was David, he was smiling,
I was so happy to see him there,
David said he has something for me to share.

"Sorry, but aren't you supposed to be dead?"
"I'm here spiritually not physically, it's all in your head,"
I asked David lots of questions,
He told me I need to be careful with my actions.

We talked for quite a long time,
Asked him how life was, what I should do with mine,
"Have faith and know everything will be ok,
There's another life, but it's not your time or day."

Then he said he had to go,
I thanked him for everything he did show,
"I'll be by your side Kenny, always,"
I watched him leave, his body fades.

I had this dream to reassure me I'd be ok,
October 22nd is my suicide attempt day,
David let me know my life's worth living,
I have a lot of experience that's worth giving.

I'm so grateful for this eye opening experience,
David will always be with me in my sub-conscience,
"Thank you David for visiting me,
You opened my eyes and set my soul free."

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