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Sunday, October 24, 2010


I wish I could trust everyone alive,
But I can't, there's so many sick out there,
Trusting everyone, I don't think the time will arrive,
One's I do trust, with them, anything I can share.

Being able to be honest with someone is amazing,
Knowing I can trust someone re-leaves some stress,
Not having a secret inside is a blessing,
Keeping secrets inside makes me a mess.

Having others trust me is an honor,
That trust is a big responsibility,
Most people trust me like I trust my father,
Keeping their words to myself is an important capability.

I know that I'm trustworthy, it's in my blood,
If others don't trust me, that's ok,
You can pore it out on me, even if it's a huge flood,
I'll be there for you any and everyday.

Trusting someone makes me feel at peace,
Not trusting, I don't feel safe, don't feel real,
I told my sponsor all my secrets, it made me feel at ease,
Others secrets I'll never let anyone steal.

If I trust you, it's a really big deal,
If you trust me, I'll honor what you say,
I know I can trust God, It's an unbreakable seal,
I'll keep my trust true, every single day.

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