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Sunday, October 17, 2010


Caught in a moment of silence,
What does it mean?
Everything at that time is one,
One with the universe, one with us all.

This silence is awkward, yet so calming,
Why does someone always seem to break it?
Can't we all be one for more than a second?
I guess not, it's not meant to be, at least yet.

Why is it when I'm alone is it silent?
I know there is more than just me there,
There's spirits, I just can't see or hear them,
Maybe cause I'm not silent in my brain.

When will I be able to hear those spirits?
Can I already? I just don't recognize it,
I'm supposed to learn from this silence,
But what, is it peace and harmony?

Past silence brought me to open my eyes,
To see what's happening and learn from it,
You don't have to hear something to now it's true,
Writing that, I guess silence is truth.

If silence is truth, what is noise?
Cause there seems to be a lot of it, even in my head,
I want this silence in my life forever,
I'll have to listen for it, wait till the noise is gone.

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