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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A New Life

Kenny, don't beat yourself up, you're still young,
There's plenty of fish in the sea,
What happened was for a good cause, trust me,
This is your spirit writing through you, believe.

Believe that there is a new life to be lived,
Tomorrow is a new day, you can start over,
What happened today, tomorrow it'll be done with,
So put your head up high, reach for the sky.

Your life is meant to be lived in happiness,
You're the only one who can take care of your wellness,
Leave behind the negative that's within,
Do your best everyday and you will win.

So what if you're bi-polar, your human,
Stop being a little boy and be a man,
Everyone goes through hard times, it's life,
Have faith that one day you'll find a beautiful wife.

Don't overreact to anything that goes the wrong way,
It's how God has put it in your life, ACCEPT IT,
If you do, your life will be 10 times easier,
I know you want it.

Be strong, don't give in to Satan's temptations,
I know it's hard but know you can overcome,
All it is, is that evil whisper in your head,
Be careful, that evil spirit wants you dead.

What are you going to do now Kenny?
I'm going to stop overreacting, have faith in myself,
Know that everything is in its right place,
Fight against Satan face to face.

I'll have faith in myself, do the right things,
Do my best, cause i deserve the best,
Push forward, even if it's just an inch,
I won't back down, not for anyone or anything.

Heaven can only help the ones who act,
So get up in the morning and know it's going to be a good day,
But on your boots and get to work Kenny Smith,
Life's worth living, so go for it!

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