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Sunday, October 24, 2010


Everything in my past brought me here now,
Sitting at the Alano Club writing poems,
Why is it that writing makes me feel free?
Feeling free is nice, so I write as much as I can.

In the past there's been lots of twists and turns,
At the time I never understand why,
Why I'm going through this pain and suffering,
It's so in the future I can relate and act more smart.

Besides the twists and turns, there's escalating times,
That's when things go great and I learn from joy,
Like learning if I'm happy, it affects everyone,
My energy is so powerful, it can cause love or havoc.

After escalating so high, it's obvious it goes back down,
That's the scary part, but that's when I learn the most,
The lower I go, the more I get to climb back up,
Falling hurts, but I get to stand up and fight back.

On this roller-coaster I call life,
I never know what's coming around the corner,
So scary and exciting, I get anxious to know what's next,
Never looking back cause, I won't be ready for what's ahead.

One this ride, right now I'm escalating,
Just learned from a decline, but I made it through with only a few cuts,
Whats on the ride next? I don't know,
But I'm buckled in and ready for any twist or turn.

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