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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Whose Will Will I Choose?

I surrender to you, all mighty God,
My will no longer works, I need yours,
This is so important, I know you understand,
My life's gone to shambles, Help.

My will has gotten me in horrible places,
Cutting, attempting suicide, drugs, and more,
My will doesn't seem to work right,
Can I barrow yours? With it I'll put up a fight.

Your will working through me is astonishing!
I can put in a hard days work today,
Be happy, laugh, serve others, and love me,
I couldn't do it without you.

My will is not spiritual, it kills others spirituality,
Physically, I'll punch till their face is gone,
Mentally, yell at others till they cry uncontrollably,
Altogether, my will is Satan destroying mine and others lives.

Let you will work through me,
I'll change the world for the better,
Hey! I just figured out I already have it,
I've been doing so great and that's it.

I surrendered and you instantly acted,
I want to go tell the whole world,
Your will feels so good, I can't believe it,
I will change from who I've been, I know you've always got my back.
Thank you for your will God, I'll put it to good use.

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