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Friday, October 8, 2010

Drug Effects

Mary Jane, now this one is great,
It causes you to laugh hysterically,
Look at life positively,
Get the munchies and pig out,
Ha ha ha, look at your chinked, red eyes!

Wait, it also causes you to loose brain cells,
You can become very lazy and just sit at home,
Did you know the highest suicide rate after quitting any drug is marijuana?

Mushrooms, now these were my favorite,
Hallucinate, see anything you want to see,
Laugh or cry uncontrollably,
Feel you're one with the universe,
Think like you've never thought before.

I heard it makes your brain bleed, but that could be a lie,
Once i cracked my fingers and I thought they all broke,
Also thought stuff was in my throat and I would start to choke.

Cocaine, now this one, damn I felt good,
The rush through your body gets you goin,
Get the drips and it's back in full effect,
I was invincible, I could do anything,
Did it with a girl, and I got lucky,
If you know what I mean!

Oh my, I had a friend who had to have surgery cause her nose collapsed,
Sometimes people won't eat for days on end,
When you come down, it sucks a nut,
All you want is more and more.

Heroine this is a drug I didn't do,
I've seen people though,
They would go numb,
Feel fucking great.

I don't know what else is good,
My friend would spend 500 dollars a day,
He'd fuck over his family to get it in any way,
People lie, cheat, and steal so they can get one more fix,
My friend lost his soul,
He looked like the living dead.

Drugs have shown me a different way of life,
Is that good or bad?
I've had great times,
I'll have memories I'll never forget,
Drugs are great, they opened my mind.

Because of drugs,
I've lost thousands of dollars,
Jail was fun,
I hurt my family numerous times,
It's caused me a lot of heart ache,
Friends have died and will keep dying.

Looking at some of the effects,
Would you do drugs?

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