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Monday, December 20, 2010


Rocket me to another dimension,
I need to get rid of this tension,
It's like a bad commercial on the television.

Saucers take me to their master,
They tell me our earth is a disaster,
The rulers are the spell casters.

War, it's the number one killer,
Dead bodies in caskets are the filler,
This life of ours is a terrible thriller.

Why is it we kill over Gods name?
All it's causing is a bunch of blinding shame,
Doesn't anyone see we are following Cain?

Whatever, it will never be worked out,
So much confusion I want to shout,
What is this life's meaning, what's it about?

I don't feel that war is the answer,
It's as bad as trying to figure out cancer,
Sad as rotten crops are to a rancher.

Who will come up with the solution?
When will we stop our pollution?
We are all in a state of confusion.

Come my friends, let us be one,
Let us shine bright like the sun,
If we act now, maybe the earth won't be done.

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