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Thursday, December 23, 2010

I Can't Die Dead Enough

I can't stay down enough to die,
Living in this hell hole, is there a reason why?
I keep on getting pulled up from 6 feet under,
Is it the Gods who created the thunder?

I can't die dead enough to have a final end,
Angels save me, the Gods they did send,
Weakness runs through my body figure,
This spirit of mine is so impure.

The fire burns on, even though I don't want it to,
My fire burned bright when I was young and not in the blue,
But something changed, I became sad and lonely,
I'm by myself, I am depressed and the only.

Just let me go, I hate living with this head,
My blood is sad blue, it is no longer red,
From my cuts of hatred towards my mind,
All in rows of guilt and shame they are lined.

They found me left for dead in a gutter,
All shocked, there was an enormous clutter,
I can't finish it, people keep saving me,
Even when I was almost dead hanging from a tree.

Please, just let me finish my task at hand,
My next attempt is to sink in that quicksand,
That will take me under to the fire,
I plan to put out the flame, death is my desire.

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