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Monday, December 20, 2010

Haven't Been Writing

Well as some of you may know I haven't wrote much in December,
Unlike 20 some odd poems in November,
I've been doing really good
Just haven't been writing like I should.

What's been going on?
Snowboarding, girls, friends, work, I've been gone,
I've really been missing out on writing,
It always helps me, keeps me fighting.

Sorry to those who check to see if I'm ok,
I am, just haven't been writing everyday,
I think I was writing so much that I didn't know,
Know what to write, felt I had nothing to show.

But I feel a new inspiration,
It's the beauty in everything and it's collaboration,
Everything has been one with me lately,
Tons of women I've been looking at gratefully.

Well anyways it's about time I start out a new one,
New poems, some will be sad, others fun,
What will be my next masterpiece?
Hey baby! How about some cheese?

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