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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas My Friends

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas friends,
Thanks for helping me through my bends,
I respect every single one of your trends.

From the parties to the hikes in the mountains,
It's all been beautiful like the oceans,
"One Love" to you all, tis true as Bob Marley's quotations.

You guys supporting me in my sobriety,
We have a dope ass secret society,
Our life depends on "our" recovery.

To those who supported me in jail,
It means the world to me, now all is swell,
Thank you to those who have helped me out of my hell.

You all mean so so much to me,
Spencer, we had dope times in that tree,
I hope you all see the love I see.

Goose, Tyler, Peter, Ian, and Davey,
Thanks for the safe place to party,
Getting me back into the program, thanks Marky (Mark Robison).

To all the women, you girls blow my mind,
So helpful, loving, beautiful, and kind,
A smile you have helped me find :).

To all my boys out there,
Thanks for having my back, I've got yours, I swear.
It's fucking amazing how much you guys care.

Everybody, I honestly love you all,
If you need me, I'll catch you if you fall,
For you, thousands of miles I would crawl.

To myself, another year survived,
Good job my man, forget about the things you've knifed,
A new love for life you've revived.

Let us all have a great 2011,
Rest In peace, all our friends in heaven,
I love you all 24/7.

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