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Monday, December 6, 2010

On Top Of The World

So I'm riding on top of this world,
Writing this poetry with my fingers curled,
I'm so freaking excited to snowboard,
Old toys make me happy that I hoard.

Riding on the white snow is soon to be,
Carving right and left through every tree,
Jump off cliffs, float into the powder,
Why do skiers think I'm a coward?

I figured out that I love myself completely,
I understand "IT" but I don't, infinitely,
"Can someone spare me some love, please?"
"You already have it, just bow to your knees."

We all have "IT" within us, you know,
It's just life, so let it flow,
We all make situations so confusing,
Lets just stop this mental abusing.

God is in me, I see it every day,
Be careful with your actions and what you say,
Cause Satan can be there too, really,
He'll consume your soul, you'll be forever chilly.

I'm just writing as I feel,
Spirituality is a great deal,
To everyone and myself, I love you,
I'm on top of this world, no longer in the blue.

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