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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Where Is It

Where is it found?
In a warm coffee shop?
How about in a drag of a cigarette?
Maybe it's art on the crumbly walls?
Or the open sign?
Maybe it's in the hand of an Iranian playing cards?
Or maybe, just maybe it's in our hearts,
Free from seeing this outside world.
I think that's it.
That sounds the most likely to fit.
Lets go back to the start.
It's found in the heart.
You can share it at a coffee shop while you talk and smoke a cigarette.
The art on the walls is the love people put on a piece of paper.
The open sign welcomes you to it's heart with friendly beings inside.
For the people playing cards,
I think it's just the hearts on the cards themselves.
Well I found a little love tonight.
A coffee shop was the place.
Your question made me question,
Where is the love?

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