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Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Poem For Cigarrettes

Fill up your lungs with death
You can fill it in every breath
Cancerous chemicals
Soon to be skeletals

Every drag you're loosing minutes
You're body is reaching its limits
Coughing up brown tar
Isn't this bizarre 

Addicted, can't find the power to quit
Not wanting to commit
The nicotine has you by the balls
It's built up its walls

"What is that smell?"
Your breath isn't so well
Fingers turning yellow
Your a real charming fellow

Money you earn
You just burn
Spent it on a pack of smokes
Too big of a drag, chokes 

Also, so good for the teeth
Embarrassed, your lips they're beneath
With smelly breath you say hi
She just says bye

Smoking when you're sick
You're really helping, you dick
Second hand smoke, damn
Sorry man

You aren't just hurting yourselves
Keeping them on our shelves 
Your little brother gets one
Smokes it, now he's done

Why did we ever start
Ruining the family heart
It'll kill us one day
But, I'll smoke one anyway

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