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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Should Have Spoke Up

Tears ran down his weary face
No place to go
Lost faith in God
Wondering whether to take his life or not

One week has passed and gone
Still, he sits in that same rocking chair
His love has left him in the dust
Wondering, will he ever find love again

Pondering inside his mind
What should he do
All alone, no one's been by for weeks
He just wants a little love and attention

No more tears to cry
He's decided to give up on himself
Grabs the gun and ammo
Goes up to their old room

"I hate you all
I hope you're all in pain when you find out
No one could have saved me
Have fun cleaning up my blood!"

He puts the gun in his mouth
"Fuck this life"
Blows his head off into shatters
His pain finally leaves his body

Friends and family cried when they heard
No one has ever felt the same
His ex-lover never got the chance to tell him
She was pregnant

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