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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Emerson's Haunted House

      There is a house on Emerson street.  Everyone in town dares not go to that corner house.  A rumor says this house has had many guessing murders.  Only ghost's are in there, not even a mouse.  The house is dark brown with a black roof that's sagging.  The smell is gagging.  Dead grass that crunches when you step on it.  Pale green window shutters, broken, ragged, tired. 
      Every night at midnight the living room light turns on, but no one is inside.  The ghost's are playing and are never gone.  Music exits the house, sounding like crying ravens in enormous pain.  The feeling of death fill your soul when you walk by.  You feel insane, talking to yourself, saying you'll be ok.
      Hell awaits inside for anyone that enters this haunted house.  Nobody has had enough courage to enter.  One day someone will and they won't come out.  They'll be trapped, FOREVER!

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