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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Where Is That Light?

Remember that song called "Kill Me!"
Turn on the light
Turn on your head
With the howling wolf
Beyond death 
Seeing places you've seen before
Where to explore
In the Cerebral Cortex
Maybe the left thyroid
Coming back from reality
Did you leave the light on
Was your head involved
Did you involve the Streets Of Life
Back to the Alleyways Of The mind
Getting it together
Equals one
Here comes the revolution
I'd be disappointed with myself
Get it the fuck together man
The Evening Star rose up
We found the truth
Don't want to be a part of
So we sought for different vision
Blind to the untrained eye
We learned to fly
He helped me see
Brought the light back to my eyes
The smoke in the dreary night blinded me
Now I know
There's a howling wolf
Under the brightest star
Somewhere I once knew
That equals one
It brought me here

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