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Monday, March 28, 2011

Plan B

The devil asked me to join him
What's the space time continuum
Involved with his plan
I thought I ran, but I didn't
He was just standing there
I lost my brain to the solution
But where did it come from
I think it came from an escalator
But it was found in the city of New york
Where did I go
To the sea of Galaly
Maybe but not very likely
To win a bull in a fight and have no sight
It rains lemon drops in
To a foster home with children
White, yellow and green
Some you have seen 
But not really
Except in space
You'll see their face
It's got to be
Well, I have an idea
Lets count to ten
Run to heaven
Play tag with the devil
But be on God's level
Do you know what I mean
Where I go
Who I know
How I am
When will I leave
To that otherside
Will I have to hide
From God
I'm not following his rod
So, party time
It's all fine

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