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Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Rhythms

Mystical beats do their justice
Just another beautiful instance
Recreates the haggard mind
Peace we will find
Rockin tunes bust a beat
Don't hold on to your seat
Many feelings will rush through
Freedom too
Sanity flys far away
Beautiful guitars play
Awha!  You lost it
That's where we fit
Lost in the palace of joy
I'm a happy little boy
Righteous rhythms dude
No need to be rude
The numbness feels so right
Please, don't fight
Ride into the rainy night
Look into the light
Falling to the sky
No reasons why
It's just that
No noise is flat
Come on baby, one more time
Your ears chime
You can see it all
Just get up if you fall
No rhyme or reason
Spring up, it's the season
Never hold back
Fill your life sack
Full of music
It's all sick

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