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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Let Us Be Free Again

Wild children
Running free
Soaring through the trees
Escaping from the bees 
Trying to sting the kids
No success
They're too fast
Having ideas come from no where
They play purely
Their nature is truly magnificent 
Where did we stop this fun
Playing in the sun
We sit inside and mope
Don't know how to cope
It's all in our heads
Let us again be free
Just to let it be
Charming others
Love our fathers and mothers
I want to be the change the world needs
Plant the seeds
Of true life
Kind of sad I still use the knife
It sets me free
In return I'm trapped in my own hell
Not all is well
I just want to be like a kid again
Have fun wherever I've been
All it is, is a choice
Let us hear our voice
Use your imagination
Your heart will have inflation
What I'm trying to say
Live your life day by day
Serve others
Play with your brothers
Reach a point of bliss
Sadness you'll never have to miss
Amen to that 

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