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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Confusing, it's the word that gets me everyday,
Huh, wait, is that what you said?
I understood your words but misunderstood the sentence,
If I'm Catholic and she's Mormon, why can't we play?

Why do so many dislike the lesbian and gay?
It's their lives, their choice,
We all make choices, why aren't we all equal?
Loving all, I do my best to show in every way.

He said, she said, that it said, "What?"
Can't we all be straight forward and honest,
Why do we make up new lies that have to make sense with old lies?
The answer to your question is this, but.

God, now he, she, it or whatever it is, people cause havoc,
So many wars because of others beliefs of God,
Don't you know God loves all his children?
Why do most Americans, even I, hate almost every Hispanic?

Loved ones die, I just can't comprehend,
Why isn't it the ones who rape and kill?
I know this, their sins are not Gods will,
What is it like, death, infinity, the end?

There is so much more confusing things to me,
I'll just stop thinking, be happy, wait pissed, huh bored,
Shit, I'm confused once again, ah piss,
Hope it make sense, if not, let it be.

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