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Monday, September 13, 2010

Suicide (Suicide Of Mine Is The Finished Page Of This One)

The Tylenol makes my stomach rumble,
Next trazedone which makes me stumble,
"Tangled Up In Blue" is how i felt that day,
To choose death, I thought was the way.

Next I stepped into that evil shower,
Slit my wrist again and again was the power,
All my cuts I thought they were done,
No, i had to cut again inside the middle one.

Lying down in comfort, I loose the red blood,
From these cuts it was a bloody flood,
Standing up just to fall back down,
It was then i could feel evils crown.

As i sit, it is Satan who comes in,
The evil thoughts and laughs start to begin,
Feeling his presence right by my side,
No where to run, no where to hide.

With the loss of blood, I had no control,
Of my body, or over my beautiful soul,
Second by second I feel myself start to die,
Wanting to live, I didn't even try.

I started to shake, the water had gone cold,
The hour and a half in there I thought I was sold,
It was freezing cold water, had to get out,
Slipping and falling as i tried to stand about.

Wanting to get warm, I grabbed my black towel,
Next part of the story was my biggest foul,
I lost my balance and put my left hand down,
Fell again and again, blood everywhere, I did frown.

This literally was my hell on earth,
My life i felt was not worth,
All the sudden there were bangs on the door,
My heart then sunk to the deep core.

Unlock this door or I'm busting it open,
Thirty seconds to unlock, he was in,
Where in the hell did all the blood come from,
Showed him my wrist, I felt dumb.

He asked why i had done it,
So much blood loss, couldn't say shit,
Wrapped me in a blanket, carried me to my car,
Death I did know, it was not far.

One thing that might have saved me,
I wanted heat, but Josh turned on the AC,
As we arrived he ran for the wheelchair,
Rushed me into the hospital, started to blare.

Doctors came and saved me from hell,
Said close your eyes, all is well,
Why I was saved I'll never know,
But pushing forward I shall go.

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