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Monday, September 13, 2010



I will meet you in the next life, I promise you,
Soon the feelings of loneliness will leave you too,
You are not alone, I'm right here, you just can't see,
I'm right here, feel my love, and God will set you free.

Soon we'll even be together, I promise you,
Comfort is soon to come, gets you out of the blue,
Leave your human form and come to my arms,
All the bad will leave you, you'll have no harms.

I will wait until then in heaven, I promise you,
You'll have an amazing life, you can choose what you do,
There's so many fighting to get passed the pearly gates,
Half of them don't get through for sins he creates.

Laughter and joy will fill your heart, I promise you,
Your faith will be so strong, the devil you can easily shoo,
Now you have your wings, where ever you want, fly,
Over the heavens you feel serenity, then a joyful cry.

You and I will always be together, I promise you,
Our spirits make new life, we are the beautiful two,
Negative thoughts that our brains do cause,
Peace will come, and the evil plots will pause.

Love will save us all, I promise you,
All these things I say, will come true,
When we leave this world, this terrible zoo,
I'll be with you forever, I promise you.

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