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Monday, September 13, 2010

Who I Want To Be

Who I Want To Be

Is a man who has been set free,
To have kids, I would like three,
I use to want to be an astronomer,
Then it went to a professional snowboarder.

Now today i want to be a therapist,
Help anyone with suicide, and to resist,
Make them want to live and have a life,
Teach them tools so they don't use the knife.

Reach all my goals to one hundred percent,
My God to me, to have been sent,
To be sober until the very end,
My path to not or only little bend.

A man who can pay his bills on time,
My spirituality everyday to climb and climb,
Have my heart and soul truly be mine,
Not do my will, but have faith and do thine.

Be a good sponsor with knowledge of the program,
No longer follow the upside down pentagram,
Have faith that my life is worth living,
Not worry about receiving but concentrate on giving.

Be a man of my wife's wildest dreams,
Maybe coach volleyball or wrestling teams,
Still have the desire to be physically fit,
Bi-polar and depression, no longer be a victim of it.

I hope to be my kids number one hero,
With the football or baseball, teach them to throw,
Have a relationship with my family that is only love,
My wife, my love, I will not ever shove.

Live long, be successful, old, and very wise,
No longer wear a mask, be real, and not disguise,
Be true to my friends and never tell a lie,
" A Tout Le Monde" played at my funeral when i die.

When it is over, be with God wherever he is,
When up there, be a teacher and student of his,
Have a beautiful pair of wings of my own,
Then to finally sit by God on his thrown.

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