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Monday, September 13, 2010

The One Who Shall Win

The One Who Shall Win

Ascending from the clouds, He saves your soul,
Takes you away from the firey, burning hole,
You hit your knees and did repent,
The angel Gabriel has now been sent.

Through the fire Gabriel will fight,
He won't give up till you're in his sight,
The demons are strong, but he shall win,
Soon the fight with satan shall begin.

It started with a slice from Satans knife,
But nothing happened, for Gabriel has infinite life,
Strong swings from Gabriels axe,
Satan bleeds to death from his powerful hacks.

Left of Satan are but his strands,
Gabriel finishes him with God in his hands,
He now sees you where it's not bright,
Suddenly from the shadows comes his light.

Following behind him, he shows you the path,
Leaving from you, all the sins you hath,
Now seeing the heavens, you are set free,
Sitting on his throne, God you shall see.

Now in heaven, your spirit is pure,
You found out that Gabriel gave you the cure,
With God on your side you will never loose,
The righteous and holy path you now forever choose.

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